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Blogging Alive

July 1, 2009

¥       A quick poll . . .Slide1

        What is a blog? 

¥       How can we use blogs for searching?

 Learning from Blogs

 Liane’s map

 Basic Directions:

  • Create a compelling question
  • Follow blogs only to find “answers” and track them
  • Translate the track into a map of the blogs?
  • What’s the community you just created?
  • How credible are the sources?
  • How do you know?

 ¥       How can we use blogs for composing?

 Being Jane Austen

Sorting out a Question–

 Drafting; predicting; listing (see this blog)

 (Who is the author? Imagining a back story; engaging in self-dialogue; engaging in thinking on the screen)

 ¥       How can we use blogs for sharing?

 Discussing a Text

Visiting with an Expert

Documenting a Phenomenon

And last but definitely not least: the National Gallery of Writing–>